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  • HD Tremie pipes
HD Tremie pipes HD Tremie pipes

HD Tremie pipes


Tremie pipes are normally used to introduce concrete into a pile, after the steel cage reinforcement is placed in operation, to avoid concrete pile breakage or gaps.  

YCX HD Tremie-pipe system has been developed especially to ensure an absolute sure safe concreting process with large sized piles and diaphragm walls, even to very great depths. YCX Tremie pipes are available in three outside diameter sizes: 203, 245,273 and 300 mm. The complete system includes tremie-pipes, male and female joints, lifting caps, and concreting funnels. It is suitable for concreting uncased, partially cased, or fully cased pilings that have been drilled with a hydraulic casing rotator/oscillator or rotary drilling rig, as well as for concreting diaphragm walls. 

The process of concreting large pile diameters to great depths can transfer extremely large forces to the tremie-pipe string, and there is a risk of the tremie-pipe string snapping if it is not adequately engineered and constructed. YCX tremie-pipes have been precision engineered, constructed of the finest materials, and proven in use through decades of deep foundation construction. They also incorporate high-precision; CNC machined joint components that guarantee a watertight connection. 

YCX HD Tremie-Pipe System Advantages 

Easy to maintain (cost effective) 
Rapid assembly and disassembly 
Easy to handle 
Absolute watertight (O-ring seal and precision machined surfaces) 
Fewer parts compared to f.e. flange type tremies 
Minimal wear and tear on tremie joints 



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