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  • casing joint
  • casing joint
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casing joint casing joint casing joint casing joint

casing joint

Casing shoe

Casing joint is one if most import and commonly used equipment in casing tube, casing drive adapter, casing shoe, 
it is wildly used in deep foundation/ bored pile/ drill shaft/ pillar construction work, 
to let the full set double wall casing or single wall casing can well connect together. 

We can fanbricate casing joint size from OD620mm to OD2500mm to match up with different OD casing work. 

Casing Drilling Technology Feature
1. Environment friend and safety pile drilling method (Drilling with All casing, no mud)
2. Widely used in different difficult formations where there is a risk of collapse or broken formation, such as quicksand, flowing and fictile soils, high pressure groundwater formations, gravel and detritus-type soils etc.
3. High quality cast in-situ pile and secant pile wall. Large pile sizes with high load capacity
The ability to penetrate substantial boulder layers and other obstructions
4. Socket into hard rock is possible
5. Permanent liners may be incorporated to protect pile shafts
6. Depths of up to 60m are attainable
Foundation pile, Secant pile wall, Remove of abandoned foundation pile and barrier, river bridges and marine structures.

We can supply Bauer and LEFFER type casing with double wall and Single wall, we also supply customized service.


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